How to integrate with TireConnect


    • Ensure you have an “In-Store” Account
    • Ensure your “Show Price” setting is turned on (if turned off the system will ask for a quote instead of bringing back prices to Workshop Software)

If you require the “Show Price” setting to be turned off for your website then you will need to request a new TireConnect account to be set up, the new account can then be integrated with Workshop Software. This new account will need to have the “Show Price” setting turned on


Click on ‘Integrations‘ from the left hand menu bar in Workshop Software

    • Click on ‘Automotive Integrations
    • Click on ‘TireConnect


  • Click on ‘Activate TireConnect green button

  • Click on ‘Yes‘ on the pop up box

    • Enter in your API Key
    • Click ‘Save

If you do want to have certain labour costs automatically included when you bring the TireConnect product back into Workshop Software.

    • You will need to firstly set up the labour cost in Workshop Software.
    • In the below Labour Settings, you can search for your associated labour product

IMPORTANT: You must click on the relevant search result for it to register