Customer Online Bookings on FaceBook Page

Create a link on your business Facebook page to have customers directly booking into your Customer Online Bookings page.

Please note: This feature is for Gold level subscribers

Before linking the online booking diary to your Facebook Page or to your website, make sure you have set up your online booking diary with the appropriate appointment types, logo and branding. For more information on how to do this, please see our guide called Online Bookings

1. Navigate to your Facebook page from the administrator account and click ‘Add a Button‘. (If you already have a button set up it should say ‘Edit’ instead)

2. Choose what you want the button to display. Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t allow the ‘Book Now’ button to link to a website.

We recommend the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Sign Up’ options instead and calling it ‘Request Appointment

3. Copy your public booking URL from Workshop Software and paste it into the website field on Facebook.

To find your public URL, navigate to  Settings > Public Booking  and it will be displayed at the top.

Once you have carried out those steps, you’ll have Customer Online Bookings on FaceBook page. Your customers will be able to make a booking direct from FaceBook and you’ll have a quick and easy way for your customers to have a richer customer experience. Another way Workshop Software helps you to be more profitable and streamlined.

For more information on customer online bookings, click here