Export Workshop Software reports as a Excel sheet

Please note: This function is exclusive on our gold level subscription

1. Click on “Reports” on the left hand navigation menu in Workshop Software, then click “Business Reports

2. Find the report you want by clicking on the ˅ icon to expand the option.

3. Enter in any search parameter that are required. For this example we are going to run a Rego Due report for any services due in September.

Then click on the yellow “Download CSV” icon to download the report as an excel sheet

4. You will see in the bottom left hand corner of your web browser the file has been download, simply click on this to open the report. If you do not see it in the bottom left hand corner of the browser check your ‘Downloads’ folder

5. The report will look like the screenshot below, if phone numbers are not appearing correctly it is because the columns are too narrow. double click on the column line between E and F  as well as the line between F and G and this will expand the columns and show the full content in the field