Fix Duplicate Customers Without Loosing Attached Data

If a duplicate customer is created and have transactional data attached to both profiles for the same customer.

Data from one profile is required to be moved over from one profile to the other. More practical way is to keep the profile with more data on it and delete the one with less data.

Before attempting to delete the unwanted duplicate profile for the customer, follow the steps below:

1. Locate the customer profile with the least amount of invoices and change it’s name to have “DO NOT USE” at the end.

2. For the Invoices attached to the “DO NOT USE” customer profile, copy each invoice, save it, change the customer to the one you wish to keep and save it again.

3. For the Payments, note down the details and then apply a new payment to the newly created invoice. After this, go back and void the old payment attached to the “DO NOT USE” customer.

4. Once all the invoices and payments associated with “DO NOT USE” customer are attached to the correct customer profile, you can void the original ones attached to the “DO NOT USE” customer. Once the “DO NOT USE” customer doesn’t have any invoices or payments attached to it, you can safely proceed with deleting it.