Create an account invoice for a cash customer

Customers who normally pay an invoice at time of picking up the vehicle can have individual invoice processed so that payment can be made at a later date or in installments by changing the Account Type of the invoice to ACCOUNT.

This can be done at any stage prior to processing the invoice.

1. To change the invoice from a CASH invoice to an ACCOUNT invoice, click on the button below Account Type;

2. When you have completed the invoice, click on ‘Process’ and the invoice will finalise with a balance due and the customer will show an account balance;

Now when you look up the customer, you will see that they have an Account Balance owing

3. When payment has been made a Customer Payment needs to be created to allocate the payment to the invoice.  Please see links below to guides on how to allocate payment and also part payment;

How to allocate a customer payment – account customer or invoice only 

Allocate a part payment against a customer or supplier invoice