MYOB Insufficient Item Quantity error message

The reason for this is error is because you have a product that has no stock on hand in MYOB.

Checking To See Which Part is Causing the Issue:

    1. Log into Workshop Software
    2. Log into you AccountRight software.
    3. In AccountRight, go to Inventory – Item List
    4. In Workshop Software, open up the invoice that is not syncing
    5. In AccountRight, type in the search bar the item cod

At this point it will show you all of the parts with that item code. Look for the part that is in the invoice and look at the Stock On Hand column.

    • If this column has a number, then the part is fine
    • If this column is blank or has an asterisk, then the part is fine
    • If this column has a 0 in it, then this is the part causing the issue


Fixing the Issue:

    1. In AccountRight, click on the part that has is the issue. This will bring up the part file.
    2. In the part file, there is a tick box for “I Inventory This Item”. This box will be ticked if this is the part causing the issue
    3. To fix, you can either untick this box OR you need to change the stock on hand for the item to be greater than 0.

I Don’t have Inventory as a choice in my version of MYOB, What do I do?

Workshop Software are looking for a resolution in regards to this but it may not come for a while, or ever. It is all dependent on the MYOB API. Due to this reason, the only resolution at this time is to UPGRADE YOUR VERSION OF MYOB to the full version.