How can I tell if I’ve been logged out?

We understand how easy it is to have multiple people logging into Workshop Software on different computers at the same time or when you get pulled away from the computer. So how do you tell if you you’ve been logged out of Workshop Software?

There is 2 ways you can be logged out of Workshop Software:

  1. Someone else has logged in using the same login details on a different computer
  2. You’ve been logged out due to inactivity (the timer on this is approx. 4 hours)

Please note: We recommend that you are always saving any changes you make, because when you are logged out of the system if you have not saved your work then you will loss the latest updates you have made.

Someone else has logged in using the same login details

Should someone else log in using the same login details you will get the below notification to advise you have been logged out.

You have been logged out because another device is using this account

Logged out due to inactivity

If you have been away from the computer for more than 4 hours, then you will get a similar pop up window as above but the notification will advise it is due to inactivity.