Check the profitability of each job

Ensuring each job is profitable is vitally important to all workshops, that is why we give you the ability to check the profitability of each job before you send out that quote/invoice to your customer. And over time this will also allow you to identify specific jobs that give you a higher profit margin!

Let’s go through how you can find this tool and what it looks like.

1. Open an invoice, click on the Star icon located on the top right hand corner of the invoice.

2. Click on “Analysis”

3. A pop up window will appear and you will be able to see the breakdown of the overall profit based on the product types (i.e labour, stock, consumables, sublets, accessories and tyres) as well as a total profit both in dollars ($) and percentage (%)

analysis details in pop up window

As you can see this is an important tool to help you ensure each quote/invoice is a profitable one or at the very least not loosing you money. We highly recommend using this tool on each invoice before you finalise it and present it to your customers.