What are the invoice formats

The invoice formats are different layouts that printed invoices can take. These different layouts can show more/less information and can present this information in new ways.

The workshop can also add its own company logo to the invoice, check out how to do this here:

The invoice formats are as follows:

1. Default

2. Print Labour Style – This invoice format will always insert the labour product as the top heading, if there are multiple labour products they will also be in bold and as headings.

3. Print Letterhead Without Company, you are able to adjust the margin to suit pre-printed paper. This is designed for workshops with pre-printed paper that not only have a logo but also the company details and information as it will not display the workshops company information.

4. Print Letterhead With Company – this invoice template will allow for pre-printed paper as well as keeping the full company name on the invoice.

5. Notes At Top – This invoice template inserts the invoice notes that relate to the job above the products instead of below.

6. Print Original

7. Print Stretched – This template stretches the workshops logo across the top of the invoice.

8. Print Default (B&W)  EX GST Totals:  This invoice format prints invoice with the unit price total showing Excluding  GST in bold