Multi-Branch Settings/Setup

Please note: The following is a guide on what each of the settings do in the setup for Multi-Branch. This is for both the Branch Settings screen (available to ALL branches), and the Franchise Settings screen (available to Head Office branch ONLY). These screens are only available for Platinum customers with Multi-Branch enabled.

Branch Settings

Store Name (Head Office only)

This is where you set your store name for the Branch. By default, this will be the name in your company profile. However, you can change this to whatever name you like. It is completely separate to the name which comes up on the invoices, which is set in the “Profile“. This name is for internal purposes ONLY.

Branch Linking Code (Head Office only)

This code will only show in the Head Office branch. This code is entered into the other branches to link them to the head office branch. The email button associated with this sends the code to an email address. You would normally use this to send the code to the other branches so that they can link their Workshop Software to your branch.

Branch Access (Non-Head Office branches only)

This is where the branch adds the linking code to link themselves to head office (see above). In the box provided, enter the code provided to you by head office and press “Grant Access“. Once you have access, this screen will show you the Head Office Name, and a “Revoke Access” button. Revoke Access is used to remove the connection from head office.

Skip Sync Down Customers/Suppliers

If a new customer or supplier is added to your Xero, MYOB, or QuickBooks Online it is the default for Workshop Software to sync that “down” and create that customer or supplier in your Workshop Software account as well.

However if you are sharing one Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks Online account with other stores in your branch, then all the customers and suppliers added by another Workshop in your branch would also be added into your Workshop Software account. So when someone shares a Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks Online account with another Workshop in their branch we skip that sync down process by default so that they don’t end up with customers and suppliers from other Workshops in their branch. Not allowing the syncing of customers from other branches, is the default setting (switch is set to “Yes“)

If you do want to share customers/suppliers from one branch to another, we allow you to turn the skip off if you want to pull down all customers and suppliers (even those from other Workshops within your branch) from your Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks Online account into your Workshop Software account. (switch is set to “No”)

Please note that we also have a tool available to easily find and “Quick Add” a customer on a per instance basis that has already visited a different Workshop in your branch. You can do this from the customer, event, or invoice screen by looking them up with a mobile number, email address or by their rego or VIN number. This is generally a better solution.

Franchise Settings

Branch Shares Account

This setting sets whether the accounting will be shared throughout the program. See this guide on how to setup your QuickBooks accounting or this guide for Xero Multi-Branch. When this setting is set to “Yes“, then the Shares Accounting switch in all accounting settings screens will be set to “Yes” and will not be able to be changed.

This will be set to “Yes” if you will be using the same accounting system for ALL branches.