MYOB Inventory Settings

MYOB Inventory Settings

When you set up your MYOB integrations, one of the options you have will be to decide whether you are keeping inventory or not.

This needs to be understood, both what you are choosing to do as a business moving forward and how it is reflected in your MYOB Company file.  The main detail to remember is that MYOB counts inventory and this can affect whether your MYOB version will accept your invoices when you click process or perform a manual sync.

I Maintain Inventory By Entering Supplier Invoices

This will automatically be set to no.

What happens if left on no:

Everytime you process an invoice it is sent to your MYOB and each time your MYOB receives a new entry it will assess whether you have sufficient stock in the system to perform the sale. As you are not updating stock levels in MYOB, it may reject the invoice as ‘Insufficient stock quantity’

In order to bypass this possible sync failure, all invoices that are sent to sync and are rejected due to insufficient stock quantity are sent with a complimentary supplier invoice that matches the exact items for item_code and quantity. It will have a zero value and all be under a supplier account called WS Stock Quantity Variance.

This is only reflected inside your MYOB and not in Workshop Software and it does not affect your Balance sheet in MYOB.  If a stock adjustment is performed you will find a record of it in Reports under event logs.


What happens if Switched to Yes:

When you tick the tab to yes for inventory control a new box appears for entering the Inventory Account you are allocating these transactions to in MYOB. Once you have selected your account, the ability to switch back to No inventory is removed because flipping back and forth has historically affected how MYOB functions.


You Can Switch Back To NO Inventory, However This Requires WS Admin To Do It On Your Behalf.

After having selected to manage inventory levels by inputting Supplier Invoices, adjustment supplier invoices will no longer be performed as is the case for the above setting.

Each time you enter an invoice, MYOB will check the inventory level. If you are up to date with your supplier invoice entry, stock levels will be sufficient and the invoice sync will occur without issue.

If you are not up to date with supplier invoice entry, the Sales Invoice would normally be rejected by MYOB for insufficient stock quantity, WS will immediately resend the invoice through to MYOB as a sales ORDER.

A Sales Order is an identical file to the Sales Invoice, however MYOB will not assess the stock quantity as it is not deemed as a transaction.
You can find a record of all invoices submitted to MYOB as a order in the Reports tab under Event Logs

This will continue to be an invoice pending sync until MYOB stock quantities are at sufficient level to allow the sale.

Each time you perform a manual Sync, WS will attempt to send the sales invoice through for syncing. And if the stock quantity levels are sufficient, then MYOB will convert the sales order to a sales invoice.