Set up a SMS template

If you want to send out a particular SMS on a regular basis but do not want to have to type it out each time, you can set up a template so that you can add this to an SMS at any time. For example if you want to send an SMS to clients to advise that their car is ready for pick up.

1. Click on ‘Settings’ on the left hand navigation menu in Workshop Software, then select ‘Company Lists’

2. Scroll down to the SMS Templates section, click on the arrow to expand this section:

3. Any existing templates will be listed here, if you want to edit an existing template click on the blue ‘pencil’ icon. To create a new template click on the green ‘+’ icon

4. A pop up window will appear, the Description field will be an internal reference name to what the SMS template message is about. The Template section is where you would set your message. Then click the green ‘Save’ Button.