Features of Workshop Software’s Online Booking Diary

This guide will explain our awesome online booking feature where your customers are able to book themselves in any time – any place.

Please note that this is a gold feature, click on your dashboard and press upgrade to get access to this awesome feature!

1. To set up your public bookings go into your settings and select ‘Public Booking‘:

2. From here you are able to set up all your own appointment types:

3. You will also be able to set up your branding as well as your availability in the workshop:

4. You will notice a link at the top of your booking settings, this is the link that your customers will go to to book themselves into your workshop. If you copy the link you will be able to view the page your customers will go to.

5. Once a customer fills in their details and chooses a booking time, they will get notified that a booking request has been sent:

6. When a customer books in you will receive a notification on your dashboard where you can accept or change the booking details. To do this, click on the yellow bar:

7. You will see all the booking requests, from here you can view, approve or delete them:

8. Click on the blue magnifying glass to view/approve the booking:

9. You will be able to choose the date and the time – if you change the date of the booking from the one the customer originally selected you can notify the customer once approved:

10. When you press the ‘Approve‘ button an email or text message will generate (depending on the customers preferred method of contact) where you can let them know the details or any changes to the date you have made. You can also set up templates so that the process is even easier!

11. The booking is then approved and entered into your booking diary:

12. You can choose which mechanic you want to assign the job to by dragging and dropping in the calendar:

For further information see the below video!

YouTube video