Send bookings via the vvGarage Workshop App (Client Friendly)

The following guide shows you what you can do in the vvGarage app provided by your mechanical workshop.

The following features are available in the App:

– Add Vehicle

– Update Vehicle

– Add Booking

– Delete Booking

Logging In:

You should have received an email and/or an SMS with your login details from your preferred mechanical workshop. This will also have a link to download the App.

1. Download the App for your phone.

2. Log into the App using the credentials sent to you (below is a sample of what the text message will look like)

You will now be logged in and receiving any notifications from you jobs with your mechanical workshop. Please note that the app will have your mechanic’s branding & colours:

Adding A Vehicle

1. Click on the car (vehicle) icon at the bottom of the app.

2. Click “Add Vehicle“.

3. Add the details required on the screen.

4. Press “submit“.

Updating A Vehicle

1. Click on the car (vehicle) icon at the bottom of the app.

2. Click on the vehicle you would like to edit.

3. Press “Edit“.

4.Edit the details.

5. Press “Save Changes“.

Add a Booking (Appointment)

    • Click on “Appointments“Click “Add Appointment“Select the vehicle you would like to do the appointment forFill in the detailsFrom he home screen:
        • press “Book Appointment
    • Click on car (vehicles) icon at the bottom of the appClick on the vehicle you want to make the booking forClick on “Book Appointment“Fill in the detailsFrom the vehicles screen
        • Click “Book Appointment

At this time, you will receive a message that the booking is in a state of “pending”. Once approved, you will get a push notification approving the booking. You can also check the status in the “Appointments” section.

Delete A Booking

NOTE: This can only happen BEFORE the booking is approved/confirmed by the workshop.

1. Go to the Home screen (house icon) at the bottom of the app.

2. Click on the appointment.

3. Select “Delete“.