Add notes to a job card or invoice

Job card and invoice notes can be added to each customer invoice as required. Workshop Software also gives you the option of created templated wording that can then be inserted into the invoice notes field, to find out more on how to do this please see the guide How to create templates for invoice notes

1. Ensure you are in an open customer invoice, scroll down the page past where all the product/labour items are listed there are 2 fields available to use. Once for Invoice notes (will show up on an invoice) and the other for Job Card notes (will not appear on the customer’s invoice)

2. Invoice notes will only appear on the customer’s invoice. These can be formatted to include headings, bold or underlined text or even a numbered list. (please format in this field only – if you copy formatted text from another software it will not work). Once the notes have been entered or updated click on the green ‘Save’ button located on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Printed Invoice View

3. Job card notes will only appear on the job card, they will not print on the customer’s invoice so you can include information that only the mechanic is to see. Once the notes have been entered or updated, click on the green ‘Save’ button.

Printed Job Card View


4. Both the Invoices Notes and Job Card Notes will remain on the invoice for you to view on the screen in Workshop Software. Once the invoice has been processed they will no longer be able to be edited.