How to have Workshop Software open on multiple browser tabs

You can login to Workshop Software on multiple tabs on the one computer, this will then allow you have have different pages on display at the same time. For example you may wish to have the booking diary on one screen and be working on an invoice on another tab.

1. Open up Google Chrome and log into Workshop Software.

2. Once you are logged in, Click on the ‘+’ icon next to the current web browser tab to open a new tab and enter in the following URL:

Australian/New Zealand Users:

UK users:

All other international users:

3. You will now have 2 web browser windows open in Workshop Software, these windows will work independently from each other. So you can be on different pages of Workshop Software on each window. If your screen is wide enough, you can arrange these windows to each take up only ½ the page and place both windows side by side as seen below.