MYOB – Adding a new product using the Supplier invoice

Issue: There has previously been an issue where, if you add a part to MYOB using Workshop Software’s Supplier Invoice screen, that it doesn’t update the stock level in MYOB.

Reason: The reason this occurs is because, when a part was previously added to Workshop Software, whether it was through a supplier invoice, or a workshop invoice, it would add the part, but not tick “I Inventory This Item” in MYOB’s inventory system. If this box isn’t ticked, then the stock won’t update when the part is added to the system.

Resolution: As of 29/03/2016, Workshop Software now gives you the ability to tick this box when adding the product. To do this, follow the guide below:

1) Go to Integrations -> MYOB


2) Select the switch on “Inventory New Items – Supplier Invoices” to “Yes”

3) Select an Account in the Inventory Account box

4) Press “Save” to save your changes.

This will now pass any new part created in the supplier invoice to MYOB, and will add in the required information, as seen in the screenshot below for a part I added called ER123.