How to hide unit cost column on the invoice screen

Workshop Software gives you the ability to hide the unit cost field of your parts and labour on the Customer Invoice screen on your computer.

1. Click on the green ‘Actions star’ icon in the Customer Invoice bar; and then select Hide Cost Field from the drop down menu

2. The screen will refresh and you will see now the Unit Cost column is no longer showing on your screen. If you save the invoice with the Unit Cost hidden it will remain hidden on this invoice when you come back into this invoice.

3. If you want to show the unit price column again, follow the same steps, click on the ‘Star’ icon, select ‘Show Cost Field’ and the column will once again appear on the screen.

Please note: Regardless if you choose to show Unit Cost on Invoice or not, the unit cost does not appear on the invoice you email or print for the customer. This feature only affects what you see on the screen when working on the invoice.