Apply a supplier credit to a supplier invoice

How to apply a supplier credit to a supplier invoice in Workshop Software

1.       Create the supplier credit, as per the guide How to Credit a Supplier Invoice

2.       Double click on the supplier credit created in Step 1;

3.       Click on the ‘Star’ icon at the top right of the credit, next to the Balance Due;

4.       Click on the green icon under the reference field, to bring up a list of invoices to allocate the credit against. The credit can only be allocated to a processed invoice that has not had a payment made against it;

5.       Highlight the invoice you want to allocate the credit too, and then click Select

6.       Enter the amount to be applied as a credit in the Applied Amount field and then click the green ‘Apply’ button to apply the credit to the invoice;

7.       The credit will now show a $0 balance and the balance on the invoice will have reduced;