Add Follow Up Notes to a vehicle

Adding follow up notes to a vehicle can be very useful if you need to recall information for the next time that customer is in with this specific vehicle.

1. Create an invoice for a customer and select a vehicle.

2. Fill out the invoice as normal and press save.

3. Choose a follow up date for the customer by pressing on the ‘Calendar’ button on the left hand side of the ‘Follow Up Date’ field.

4. Next to the ‘Follow Up Date’ press the green pencil button.

5. This should bring up a text box where you can type out your follow up notes.

6. Press ‘Done’.

7. Save and process your invoice.

8. Now that your invoice is processed you should now see a purple tag on your vehicle that says ‘FOLLOW UP NOTES’. This means that any time you look at this vehicle you will be able to see that there are follow up notes attached.

9. When the customer comes back in with this vehicle you create a new invoice as normal and press save. Making sure both the customer and vehicle are selected.

10. You will once again see the purple tag attached to the vehicle. Press the ‘Star’ button to the right of this tag and then ‘Follow Up Notes’.

11. This will bring up a text box with the follow up notes:

12. Press ‘Add To Job Card Notes’ and then the follow up notes will now appear in the ‘Job Card Notes’ section of your invoice.

You will be asked to confirm you do want to proceed with adding the follow up notes on the job card notes.

13. If the follow up item is now going to be handled on the next visit, you can dismiss the follow up note by, clicking on the Star icon on the vehicle details banner and select “Follow Up Notes

14. When the follow up note pop up window appears click on the red “Clear Notes” button and this will remove this follow up note from the vehicle. This will also mean that the follow up note will not appear in the “Follow Up Note Report”