Why advice to VOID invoices should be used with caution

When the VOID facility is used for an invoice, there are several impacts in Workshop Software including:

  • The invoice is permanently removed from Workshop Software and any linked accounting package;
  • Sales figures are adjusted to remove the value of the transaction;
  • Time logged using the mobile app will be deleted, impacting on reporting for mechanic performance;
  • Any products on the invoice will be removed and returned to inventory.


From an accounting and business management perspective, voiding invoices has some additional potential impacts:

  • If the invoice has been issued to the customer, there is an inconsistency between the records held by the workshop and the customer which can effect future enquiries related to the invoice;
  • A history of VOIDED transactions can be a red flag during any compliance audit (eg ATO) as it can be indicative of tax avoidance behaviour;
  • VOIDED transactions can be a method used to disguise fraudulent behaviour, particularly by team members;
  • If used to remove unpaid/bad debts, it can reduce your ability to recover the debt in future through legal means (eg as part of a Receivership dividend).