Why is my invoice not syncing to Xero?

The Key to finding out why your invoice isn’t syncing is to check the Event Log.

Checking the Event Log:

Go to Reports > Business Reports > Log Reports > Event Report

This will show you a log of all the errors for your invoices. This would be the FIRST thing I would do if your invoices are not showing up. In the case of this article, you will find the following error:

Click on image to enlarge

The key parts you need to be looking for are the following:

1) The invoice number in the top right hand corner: In the example above the invoice number is 641. This defines which invoice the error is talking about. If you are looking for a specific invoice, you will find it her.

Tip: If you press Ctrl + f, you can search for a specific invoice number.

2) The error message: This error message will let you know what the issue is.

3) The Reason For the Error: The highlighted areas in the screenshot above are where you will find this specific information. For guides on the specific errors, please go to the articles below:

Invoice not of valid status for creation

Signature_invalid:Failed to validate signature or Unknown response code: 500 or Call to authorize a partner xero application failed

Account ‘XXXX’ has been archived, or has been deleted

TaxType code does not exist or cannot be used for this type of transaction

Payment amount exceeds the amount outstanding on this document

Associated parent record is not uploaded to Xero, sync to upload

Xero integration will not work until valid accounts are entered

The specified contact details matched an archived contact. Archived contacts cannot currently be edited via the API

Invalid status for modification

If there is no article for the error, please email [email protected]