Turn on Business Intelligence (BI)

Business intelligence is an amazing help for you to make important business decisions in your garage workshop. This guide shows you how to turn it on for specific users in your organisation.
Please note: Business Intelligence (BI) is available for our Gold level subscription users.

1. To access the BI information you do need to have admin level access

2. Click into ‘Settings from the left hand navigation menu in Workshop Software. Then select ‘User Setup/Maint.’

3. Click on the blue ‘pencil’ icon for the admin level username you want to give access to the BI information.

4. Click on the Business Intelligence toggle so that it switches from ‘Inactive’ to now say ‘Active’. The click on the green ‘Save’ button to save the changes you have made.

5. Now when you log in with this username you will see that the Dashboard is different. The standard dashboard is no longer visible, instead now you will have extra tabs called ‘Overview’, ‘Customers’, Vehicles’, ‘Products’.

By clicking on these tabs you will now see the BI information for these topics. When you first turn on the BI information the system will take a few minutes to pull through your data & display accordingly.

Please note: all other username’s will still see the old Dashboard information. Only the user with the BI toggled turned to ‘Active’ will have access to the BI information

Check out our guide Business Intelligence Overview guide to find out what data you can see in the BI information