How to search for a supplier

How to Search for a Supplier

There are two ways to search for the details of a supplier that you have entered into Workshop Software;

1. Type part or all of the company name or the first or last name of your contact with the company into the universal search bar at the top of the page;

Once the details of the supplier have come up you can then click on them to open up the Supplier Details page or if you are wanting to create an invoice click on the green invoice icon to open a new invoice;

2.  You can also search for a supplier using the Suppliers menu option from the left hand side of the page.  Click on ‘Suppliers’ to bring up a list of all of your suppliers entered into Workshop Software;

From here you enter the name of the supplier you are looking for into the search field at the right of the Suppliers menu bar.  Once the name of your supplier has come up you can click on one of the coloured icons to the right to do the following;

Blue pencil icon – edit the Supplier Details (1)

Green invoice icon – create a new invoice (2)

Green stock order icon – create a new stock order (3)

Green payment icon – create a new supplier payment (4)

Orange envelope icon – send an email to the supplier (5)