Make a booking without having to log into Workshop Software

By utilising the online booking diary you can easily make a booking for a client from your smart phone or tablet without having to log into the full Workshop Software program.

Please note: the online booking diary function is exclusive on our Gold Subscription level.

1. Firstly you need to set up your online booking diary with the appointment types available for booking. Please refer to this guide on how to set up your online booking diary.

2. Once you have set this up, copy the Public URL link

IOS Devices

1. Open Safari and enter in the Public URL and click on the blue “Go” button on your phone keyboard

2. Once the page has loaded up, click on the Share icon (box with arrow)

3. A pop up window will appear, scroll down and click on “Add to Home Screen

4. Give this link a name (this will appear on your mobile home screen). For this example we have called this link “Bookings”. And finally click on “Add

5. You will now see on your home screen what looks like an app called “Bookings”, if you click on this link it will open up safari to the online booking page. This process can be repeated in the same way for an IOS tablet.

6. Bookings made via this app will appear as booking requests in your Workshop Software dashboard, you will need to accept each of these jobs for them to appear in your booking diary. (see point 6 onwards on this guide to see an example of how this works)