Xero Sync Error – Account has been archived, or has been deleted

Issue: Xero transactions will not sync over and come up with this error above in the Event Log. This is specific to situations where some invoices have synced over and others have not to the above account number.

Confirm This Guide will Help You:

1) Go to your Xero Settings in Workshop Software and confirm that this account is in the Rounding area.

2) In Xero, there are Workshop Software transactions in your bank Account general ledger. The invoices in the Event Log are the ones missing from this account.

3) Go to the invoice in Workshop Software that isn’t syncing over. Confirm that there is an amount to be rounded.

4) Go to an invoice that has synced over to Xero, and confirm that there is NO ROUNDING.

If all of the above are successful, this article will resolve your issue. If not, then please contact support at [email protected] , and attach the Event log to the email.


1) Go to Xero Settings in Workshop Software.

2) Change the Rounding Account to an account that is NOT a bank account.

3) Press Save to save the changes.

4) Press the Xero sync button to bring across the transactions.