View a processed or finalised customer invoice

Once an invoice has been processed or finalised there are a couple of different ways that it can be found.

Search by invoice number

You will need to know the invoice number, the invoice number can be found in the top right hand corner of a printed invoice

2. Enter the invoice number into the main search bar, located at the top of the screen in Workshop Software. This will bring up all references to that particular number, including the invoice you are looking for. Click on the search result to open the invoice on your screen.

Search by Customer Name

If you don’t know the invoice number but you do know the customer name then you can view their associated invoices through the customer details profile page.

1. Search for the customer either by typing their name in the main search bar, or by clicking on the Customers from the navigation menu options (located on the left hand side of the screen) and then using the Filter to find them

Once in the customer details page scroll down the page to Customer Invoices, expand the menu if necessary to view all invoices and then click on the invoice you want to view and click on the blue ‘Pencil’ icon to open the invoice on the screen:

3. A copy of the invoice can then be printed or emailed by clicking on the blue icon at the far right, next to the Balance Due