How to perform a manual sync

When transactions have not synced to your accounting system, the best way to make sure these transactions sync is to perform a manual sync of your accounting system. To do this, click on the accounting icon in the top right corner of the screen.

A pop up will appear asking for your email address. This is required so Workshop Software can email you a report of any errors that may occur. Enter your email address in the provided field and click sync

You will now see a green banner notifying you that the sync has started. Wait 1 hour, then make sure all transactions have synced correctly.


If the problem still exists, it may require another manual sync. Please do a manual sync again, wait an hour and check if the problem still exists.

Note that sometimes the system may require multiple syncs in order to sync multiple records to your accounting package, for example, the customer needs syncing first, then the invoice will be synced.

If the problem still exists, please run the event log and see what the error might be. Check our help guides on “Event Log Deciphered” for guides on your particular accounting system errors.