Process payment on a cash invoice

1. Before processing the invoice ensure that the Account Type on the invoice is set to ‘Cash’ so that payment method and amount can be selected when processing the invoice:

2. Once the work has been completed and the invoice is correct, click on the blue ‘Process’ button located on the bottom right hand corner of hte page, this will finalise the invoice and no changes will be able to be made to it.

3. Once the process button has been clicked a payment screen will pop up

4. Enter the payment details. Click into the payment method field to select the correct method from the list of options and enter a reference if required. If payment is being made by more than one method, then click the green ‘+’ icon to add additional lines. You may also add a reference such as the vehicle registration number, invoice number etc. Once all payment details have been entered. click on the blue ‘Process’ button.

5. The invoice and payment have now processed/closed