Integrate Carfax

This guide will show you how to integrate your FREE Carfax details with Workshop Software so you can access vehicle accurate information with the click of a button!

1. Firstly head to Workshop Software and select the Integrations Tab – Automotive Integrations – Carfax. You do not need to have an account with Carfax, Workshop Software will be able to register you within the integration.

2. Click on ‘Activate Carfax‘ and if you choose to accept the ‘Terms and Conditions‘ please select ‘Yes‘:

3. Your account details and settings should pop up, you will need to enter all your address details, the business contact and the Technical Contact. Once you have filled out all the compulsory fields make sure to press ‘Save‘:

4. Once the save has been confirmed by a green bar, press ‘Authorize‘:

5. If the authorization worked you will get another green bar which states that it can take up to 24 hours to process your Carfax details:

6. Now you can go ahead and test the integration by going to an invoice and or adding a new vehicle:

7. You will need to put the licence plate in and click on the magnifying glass:

8. You can see that Carfax has found the VIN, Make, Model, and Body Type! Make sure to save the vehicle details.

9. The other really cool thing this integration has is the ability to acquire the vehicle history details. To view the vehicle history, press on the star just above the vehicle details:

10. Select ‘Carfax History‘ to view all past history:

11. You will then be able to see all the service dates and the service history notes. This is an extremely valuable tool for an auto shop to have!

12. Then you can click on the box at the bottom that says ‘Check Last Service Details‘ to view even more history information:

13. This is an awesome FREE service, the only thing you do in return is that once you are set up it will send the vehicle information that you provide eg. Service or repairs done in Workshop Software to Carfax. This is anonymous, no information about the customer or the mechanics is transferred – it will only pass the history details from the vehicle repairs to the Carfax history server.

Check out this video on using Carfax or more information:

YouTube video