Add an attachment to an Invoice

Workshop Software gives you the option to upload an attachment to a customer invoice and then email that attachment to your customer if necessary. Attachments can either be photo’s or PDF documents, so you may want to attach an image of damage to the vehicle or perhaps a copy of a service report.

1. Open the invoice you want to add an attachment to, it must be an unprocessed invoice in your job centre. Attachments cannot be added to finalised/processed invoices. Underneath the Customer and Vehicle information there is a blue bar called Attachments on it. Click on the down arrow on the far right to expand the menu.

2. Click on the blue ‘Choose File’ Icon to select which document you want to upload and then click the green ‘Upload’ button.

3. Once the attachments have been uploaded they will stay saved to the invoice and can be emailed to your customer along with a copy of the invoice. To email an attachment click on the ‘Print’ icon at the far right of the blue bar that says ‘Attachments’, click on the blue ‘Add Attachments’ button and check the attachment/s you want to email. Enter the customer email address and message and select ‘Yes’ on the Include Invoice toggle if you want to email a copy of the invoice and then click on the green ‘Send’ button.