Getting setup with vvGarage

vvGarage by Service Programs is designed specifically for workshops and owners who are wanting better communication, customers coming back and maximum profitability. It focuses on the customer experience so that not only does the customer get a great service on their car but they get great service at the front of your workshop as well.

Workshop Software has integrated with an awesome program called vvGarage. vvGarage is a tool that allows customers to book their own service through the app – anytime they want and from the comfort of their own home! Once the car has come into the workshop, the customer is able to follow the progress of the repair or the service on the vehicle.

In an age of phone technology where many industries now having the ability to book online, via an app or on their website the introduction of vvGarage for the automotive industry is a game changer.

Seems like a no-brainer – to get set up you will first have to register with a vvGarage account:

1. To do this, follow this link:

This is the page you should see:

2. Choose the option applicable to your Workshop and from here you will be able to subscribe and start the awesome process to getting your vvGarage system set up.

3. On the next page, make sure to put in all your details and press ‘Next‘ to fill out your payment information. vvGarage comes at a cost of $59+GST per month for Australian users and $65 for New Zealand users.


4. Once you have clicked next, please fill out either your credit/debit card details or you can also use your Capricorn number!

5. After you have completed the above process you will receive a notification from Service Programs (vvGarage). A representative will be in touch with you to discuss the creation and design of your unique app.

6. Once your Service Programs representative has been in touch and has configured your account you will be ready to integrate your vvGarage account with Workshop Software.

Please see this guide for the setup of the integration:

For more information, please also see the related guides and the below video: