Why am I automatically logged out of Workshop Software?

There are a few possible reasons that you may be logged out of Workshop Software:

Your computer has been left idle for too long

Workshop Software will automatically log out users that have been in Workshop Software but have not made any changes or clicked on anything for a period of time. To be logged out, a user would need to be left idle for approximately 3 hours.

Multiple devices are attempting to log in using the same user

Workshop Software will only allow one device to be logged into a user at any 1 time. If multiple people are logging in to the same user, the oldest session will be logged out. If someone within your Workshop needs to be logged into the software at the same time as you, you will need to create another user. This process is outlined in the guide linked below:


If you are the only person in your Workshop accessing Workshop Software, or you are the only person using this account to access Workshop Software, you will need to change the password for your user. This process is outlined in the guide linked below:


If you have followed this guide and are still being logged out consistently, please contact [email protected]