Create a workshop customer invoice

1.       Click on the ‘+’ icon at the top right hand side of the page next to your company name and logo and select Customer Invoice from the drop down box.

2.       If the invoice is for an existing customer then search and double click on their details or click on the ‘+’ icon at the top of the page, next to the search customers field to enter the details of a new customer;

    •          Select Individual or Company
    •          Select Cash or Account
    •          Enter First Name & Last Name – required
    •          Phone numbers
    •          Email
    •          Address details
    •          Once all details are entered click on the ‘Save’ button

3.       Click on the ‘+’ icon at the top right of the page, next to ‘Select A Vehicle’ to add the details of the vehicle.  Please note that you can add a vehicle to a customers details at any time but can only add a vehicle to an invoice when you first process the invoice.  Enter the vehicle details;

    •          Rego – required
    •          VIN
    •          Make
    •          Model
    •          Body Type – required
    •          Colour
    •          Speedo
    •          Prod. Date
    •          Once all details have been entered click on the ‘Save’ button

4.       Enter the booking details into the invoice;

    •          Order number – if applicable
    •          Invoice type – Invoice
    •          Date
    •          Payment method – if unsure you can leave blank and update prior to processing
    •          Speedo
    •          Description – brief description of the job being carried out
    •          Product – enter service type and any parts – this can be left blank, added too or changed later if required
    •          Invoice notes – any notes to appear on the invoice
    •          Job Card notes – any notes that will appear only on the job card

5.       When you have entered all the details into the invoice click on ‘Save’ down the bottom right of the page.  This will save the invoice and enable you to make changes, additions or deletions if required.

6.       The invoice will now appear in the Job Centre, to open it up just double click on the line.