Export Data

1. Select ‘Actions’ from the Menu on the right side of the page, followed by ‘Export’;

2. Select what you would like to export from your Workshop Software and press the green button;

Export Customers will provide you with the following information: Customer name, Company name, address, suburb, state, postcode, cash/account, email address, balance outstanding, mark up percentage, preferred contact method, customer source.

Export Vehicles will provide you with the following information: client name it is associated with, REGO, make, model, model code, model series, body type, colour, VIN, transmission, build date, production date, plate renewal date, late in date, last service date, next service date, service interval, Odometer, fleet code, rego renewal reminder, service reminder and more!

Export Suppliers will provide you with the following information: company name, address, 1st & 2nd contact person name and contact phone number, fax number, email address, balance owing, credit balance, Biller name, Business number, vendor account number.

Export Products will provide you with the following information item code, description, brand, product type, supplier, quantity on hand, comments, job card comment, location, retail price, price 2 – 4, cost, if it is GST free, product group name, minimum/maximum, active/inactive, cost including tax, quantity reserved.

Export History will provide you with current outstanding invoices and the individual products in that particular invoice.

There are 2 parts to this:

  • Invoice Headers – Main information about the invoice
  • Invoice Items – Information about individual invoice items