DVLA Vehicle Lookup

Easily find all the details of a vehicle registration by using the DVLA lookup. The DVLA lookup allows you to enter a vehicle registration, click search, and all the vehicle details will be instantly returned.

The purpose of this guide is to help you setup your DVLA Vehicle Lookup tool, it’s a great time saver that ensures all the correct information is reflected.

1. Head to the integrations tab in Workshop Software:

2. Click on the DVLA lookup tab under integrations to activate the tool:

select DVLA lookup from the menu

3. Click the activate button and then click purchase to buy the vehicle lookups:

Purchase the required number of DVLA lookups

4. Buy as many lookups as you would like (you can always buy more later). Price is in Pence:

5. You are all set to start using vehicle lookups for new vehicles. Head to a new invoice. There are numerous ways to create an invoice, one of them is to click the “+” sign and choose “Customer Invoice”. (See this guide for more details: create a workshop customer invoice)

6. Add a new customer and vehicle and use the magnifying glass to activate the DVLA Vehicle lookup tool. Type in the vehicle registration, then click the search and all the vehicle details will be returned:

Find details of the vehicle in an instant by using the DVLA search

7. All the information will be produced for that vehicle!

This is one way that using lookups for finding the data you need instantly can help make your garage be more efficient. There is also a Postcode lookup function to help find addresses, which is another way to streamline your garage. It also ensures accuracy of data which is paramount in today’s business.