Register DOT/TIN on a processed invoice

1. Find the invoice with the tires on it you would like to register. If you are not sure there is a list on your dashboard of all the tires in your account that have not been registered.

2. Open invoice.

3. Press the ‘star’ button on the right hand side of the tire item:

4. Press ‘Add DOT/TIN’.

5. Press ‘Return to List’:

6. Press ‘Register’:

7. It should bring up the registration form like it does when you originally process an invoice and give you the option to try and register it again:

8. Make sure ALL required fields are filled in and press ‘Register’.

9. A green bar should appear at the top of the screen that says ‘Tire Registration Sent’. This registration should now appear in the Tire Metrix portal. If there is an error it means that you have not filled out all the fields. If you believe you have filled out all the fields and are still getting an error please email [email protected].