Set up Capricorn as a biller

This guide will show you how to create suppliers as billers (particularity Capricorn) and pay them off using the supplier payment system.

1. Search for Capricorn from the supplier screen and open their profile (click on the blue pencil icon).

2. Once you have opened the profile, make sure they are set to ‘biller’. To do this press on the toggle/switch.

3. One you have changed Capricorn to a supplier, go back into the suppliers tab and change whichever suppliers you would like to be billed to Capricorn. Leave the supplier as a non biller and choose Capricorn as the biller.

When you are ready to pay these suppliers off (via the nominated biller):

1. Click on the ‘+’ icon next to the main search bar in Workshop Software, select Supplier Payment

2. Search for the biller supplier (like Capricorn) in the Search Suppliers field. Double click on the biller supplier you want to select it.

3. Click on the magnifying glass to choose a non-biller that you want the biller supplier to pay.

84. You can then choose a supplier then select which invoices you want to pay via this biller supplier, click on the supplier (it will turn dark grey), the click on the green ‘select’ icon.

5. If there are any invoices that have yet to be paid, they will be available for you to select.

6. Selected invoices will now appear on the Supplier Payment screen:

7.You can select multiple invoices from multiple supplier to pay off.

8. Simply click the process button, you will get a pop up box asking if you are sure you want to proceed. Click ‘Yes’

9. Now you will be able to see the payments against the particular supplier invoices you have chosen to pay off.

This video will also show in real time how to create a biller, and use the payment functions: