Use your own email

Did you know Workshop Software has the ability to send emails from your email address? Follow the steps below to verify your email address and take control of the communication between your workshop and customers.

  • Communicate with your customers using your email address rather than “[email protected]”.
  • Enable your customers to reply directly to your inbox.
  • Keep track of conversation history through your sent folder.

Follow these steps to verify your email address in Workshop Software:

1. Go to your Profile.

2. Make sure your email address in the Email (unverified) field is the one you want to use.

3. Click the “Save” and then “Verify” buttons.

4. You will see the status has changed to Email (Pending).

5. Go to your inbox and open the email with a link to confirm your email address.

6. Press the link to verify that email address.

7. Return to Workshop Software. Go to Profile > Company Details > Confirm the Email status has changed to ” Verified”.

If you need to change email address, no problem! Follow the above steps again, you can verify as many email address as you like.

The email address that is in the Verify window will be the email address that your customers see and can reply to.