Create an Inspection Template


This guide walks you through how to create an Inspection Template. You can then use these templates when creating an Inspection to bring up a list of items to be checked off instantly.

Please note: Inspections is a feature of our Gold level subscription. If you would like to upgrade you can do so on your dashboard.

Please DO NOT change an Inspection Group Name once it has been used to create an Inspection Template. This will cause issues when you try to open your templates in the future.

1. Go to Inspections > Templates Inspections on your tabs on the left hand side of WS.

2. Click the plus sign on the right hand side of your templates.

3. Fill in the name field. This is required, however the comment fields are optional.

4. Select an Inspection Group from the drop down menu that you would like that checklist section to be related to.

5. Once you have chosen your group press the plus sign on the right hand side so that you can add your checklist item.

6. Select your Type using the drop down menu.  This is the format of how the checklist will be presented to the mechanic. There are 4 types of formats:


  • Green/Yellow/Red – Helpful for showing the level of urgency.
  • \n\t

  • Carry Out – Yes/No requirement to make sure it has been checked.
  • \n\t

  • Input – Provides the option to add an input and select urgency.
  • \n\t

  • Tyres – Provides fields for Tyre pressure and the option to select urgency.
  • \n

7. You can also select products to be linked to this item, add a description or comment.

8. To add a new item in the same group press the green plus sign on the bottom right hand side.

9. For a new Group please repeat steps 4-7.

10. Please make sure to press SAVE on the bottom right hand side of the page so that your template is saved to be used on future inspections.