Invoice an existing supplier order

This guide walks you through the process of creating a supplier invoice for an EXISTING stock order.

If you do not follow these steps your stock order will not be marked as received.


1. Create a stock order by following this guide:

2. Press the plus button on the top right and select ‘Supplier Invoice’:

3. Select your supplier.

4. Press the star button on the right hand side and then ‘Add items from order’:

5. Select the stock order that you have received and press ‘Select’:

6. This will add all items on this order to your invoice:

7. If you have only received some parts you can take the ones that didn’t come off by pressing the bin symbol next to those parts. However, if you do not process the invoice with all parts the order will still be marked as ‘On Order’ until you process a new invoice for the remaining parts.

8. Press Process. If you have included all items from your stock order, this order will now be set to ‘Received’.