I’m too busy!

Systems that could set you free

We had an interesting discussion in our meeting today about time management and how systems can set you free.

I’m constantly amazed by how often we get the excuse “I’m too busy”. The crazy thing is that we actually use it in our business, and I bet you do too (you do, don’t you? be honest!)

I’ve been banging on about “systems” for our business for around 8 years now. While we’re pretty good at systemising our business, and most things are really streamlined, I still hear lines like:

  • It’ll only take a moment, I’ll do it myself
  • I don’t have time to create a system (process) for that
  • I’m too busy to get someone else to do that task
  • I’m the only one with the knowledge to perform that task

Does this sound familiar? I bet it does.

Working unbelievable hours

I’m a firm believer that no business is able to grow (with any real potential) without some reasonable level of systemisation. We deal with hundreds of mechanical workshops each year, and we constantly hear stories of working unbelievable hours per week; staff that don’t perform; inability of anyone other that the owner being able to do just about anything and many other system related chronicles of horror.

There are 2 interesting observations that I often see:

  1. The owner is completely responsible for being in this position and does little or nothing to change
  2. The rest of the team really do want to take responsibility and be more productive but feel trapped

Here is the interesting thing…

If you step back, take a look at your business, start the streamlining process of systemising, EVERYONE wins. The owner loves it because they have more time and make more MONEY! The staff love it because they know where they stand; know what’s expected of them and feel a sense of achievement that they are finally providing a rewarding input into the business.

The undeniably amazing fact is that the business is WORTH more. It’s unbelievable that more business owners don’t see this and put as much effort into systemising as they do the day-to-day work.

One day you’ll need to sell your business. When that time comes, surely you want the absolute maximum return from all your hard work? Think of someone who wants to buy your business. Are they going to pay a premium for a business that they have to work unbelievably hard in? Or would they rather the streamlined, predictable, systemised business? If there are no systems in place, then they may as well start their own business from scratch, it’s not worth the extra investment.

What is the result of systemising?

I’ve just got back from a 2 week family holiday in New Zealand. We had a great time. Guess how many times I needed to do something for my business; got a phone call, an email, text message asking a question?

I own a successful software business, it must be complicated, right? What do you think? A few times a day, once a day, few times a week?

How about ZERO. In two weeks, I did not get interrupted once. A few years ago I would have thought that was impossible. Today, I expect it.

I’ve empowered my team to act on my behalf. I’ve provided them with the tools to effectively carry out their jobs, and they love it.

How long could you leave your business and not get interrupted? (I bet some of you the answer is 5 minutes).

What are you going to do about it?

NOW is the time to go make something happen. Yes. NOW.

Don’t come back in 2 years time (or 2 weeks time!) and read a similar article and say “I should have done something about that”, or “I’ll get onto that soon”.

Take the first step. What is that step going to be? Email me back the answer james@workshopsoftware.com . Now.

To your success…



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