Neto Integration Guide

Integrating Neto

1. Press the green “Activate” button in Integrations > Automotive Integrations > Neto Settings

2. Enter your Store Domain and then press Save.

3. Once the store domain has been saved, press the blue “Authorise” button. You will be directed to the Neto login page. Fill in your details and press “Log in”.

4. You will be redirected back to Workshop Software where you can now select your warehouse.


Linking Products

Now that the integration has been setup, you can link your products between Workshop Software and Neto.

To do this you have to enter the Neto SKU in the product details in Workshop Software and make sure the SKU is set in Neto.



Once your products have been linked through the SKU, their quantities will be synced between Neto and WS.

Processing a supplier invoice for a linked product will increase the “QTY On Hand” in both WS and Neto.

Processing a customer invoice for a linked product will decrease the “QTY On Hand” in both WS and Neto.

If you dispatch an order in Neto, the “QTY On Hand” in WS will be updated either when you create an invoice or during the general sync which occurs every half hour.