How your Workshop Can Win More Business and Provide better customer Interaction

I was at an industry event last week and when the presenter started talking about this tool you could see a change in the room.

You could sense that all eyes were more focused, ears pricked up, people sat forward in their chairs. There was something that really caught their attention.

I later spoke with dozens of people about it and they were all super excited.

I realised that it was one of our best kept secrets.

And I want to let you in on this secret.

There is a tool from a 3rd party provider that will help your workshop to win more business, give you greater credibility, have happier staff and put your workshop on an even playing field with the big dealerships.

We’ve had this integration for some time, and maybe we’ve not made a big enough deal about it, because, in my opinion, any workshop that has customers should have this tool.

In fairness to us, there has been a bit of confusion, because, for Capricorn members, it was known as Capricorn Vehicle Videos, and we were not allowed to do the integration for Capricorn members. The situation has changed, and Capricorn members can now sign-up direct at au.vehiclevisuals.com, meaning we can now integrate with anyone who has a subscription to this great tool. (You can access that signup link from inside Workshop Software too… check out the set-up video).

Vehicle Visuals is a suite of hundreds of video animations that explain a specific repair or maintenance issue with a vehicle. From simple things like why you should change your wiper blades, tyre wear, brake pad wear (and much more) to more complex things that the average person does not understand, such as why you need to replace a ball joint (might be obvious to you, but I’d reckon that the vast majority of people could not explain what a ball joint does).

These simple animations are easily attached to an invoice, quote, inspection etc, and can be shown to the client in your workshop or emailed directly to them.

At only $22+GST, it is a must have for every workshop (you can pay by credit card, or Capricorn members can put it on their capricorn account). (Full disclosure, Workshop Software DOES NOT receive any income from Vehicle Visuals, I’m simply telling you this because I want you to be more profitable and streamlined and compete with the big dealers).

Check out this page, it has two videos. One showing you how it works, and the other is the 3 minute set-up guide. If you’re not using this, your competition might be, and I’d suggest you want to be super competitive in this current market. Check out all the details here: https://workshopsoftware.com/vehicle-visuals-integration/

To your success…


James Mitchell
CEO Workshop Software


“After using the software for a month with the Quickbooks integration, we can see that keeping up with parts and records is much easier. The integration helps up with knowing what is going on in the Workshop. Workshop Software is good.”


Cave City Truck
& Trailer Repair

“The Web class was really great. It helped as a trialing client, to understand the system.”


Happy Motoring

“Really liking Workshop Software and how professional the invoices look. Support has been great the whole time. They are always consistent in calling us and making sure our questions are answered.”


AJ’s Mobile Automotive

“I love Workshop Software, it is absolutely brilliant and the best software I have ever used. No dramas at all.”


Miramar Auto Centre Limited

“We really like the facebook tips and find the software impacting our business in a positive way


NQ Diesel

“I needed workshop specific invoicing software, I chose this software as it was the best one I found that could do what I needed. I’m better at organising my work and it looks very professional, I do recommend this software as it’s easy to use.”


Byron Shire Auto Repairs