23 ways Workshop Software makes your life even easier

Workshop Software are constantly working to improve and evolve our systems and provide you with more and more value. The latest update  includes 23 great new features that help make your life even easier, more profitable and have a more enjoyable user experience.

Many of these updates were implemented from feedback from our client base. Thank you for your feedback, it really does help, and we continue to use it as a great tool to keep pushing the boundaries to get even better and better.

Here is a list of the items that have been added to the system. Please note that many of these items will have individual pieces of information and instructions, coming soon!

  • Customer sources can be added, edited & deleted. This gives your workshop great flexibility in tracking your clients and seeing where your advertising dollar is going.
  • Customer source report. Get some great info about where your customers are coming from.
  • Booking Reminders have been added to the Email Report
  • Email templates (under company lists). Great way of having your own templated wording for all sorts of different types of emails.
  • Items from the booking transfer in the same order when turned into an invoice/job card.
  • Supplier Invoice. In the supplier invoice, there is now an option to set the pricing type to Including or Excluding tax. This makes entering your supplier invoice much quicker and simpler. Some suppliers send invoices and have line prices including tax, and some have line prices excluding tax. Now this simple setting makes it simple. Check out this link for more details https://workshopsoftware.com/supplier-invoice-now-even-quicker-and-easier/
  • Replaced “Speedo” with “Odometer”.
  • New report which lists bookings by date.
  • New activity log report. This is a great way to see what’s happened in the system, including updates to transactions, plus changes made to your settings etc.
  • Product screen only shows relevant fields based on the type of the product. For example, if the products is a “Labour” type, you will not see Minimum / Maximum / Qty etc.
  • Payment methods that have already been added can now be edited and deleted. Previously, once you added the payment method, you could not change it.
  • Email Statements. Under “Reports” there is a new option to email customer statements. Previously you could email individual statements, now you can email statements to all clients that have prefered method of contact as “Email”
  • There is an option in the “Company Settings” that allows you to Hide Labour Quantities on the invoice. If you don’t want the customer to see the quantity you are charging, turn this option on.
  • In the product section, you can make a product “Inactive”. This is great for those products that you’ve bought or sold, as they cannot be deleted if they have a transaction. Making them Inactive will mean that you cannot add them to a transaction and they will not come up in searches.
  • SMS templates. In the “Company Lists”, there is a new section for SMS templates. This makes it super easy for you to send your favourite SMS message.
  • Job Status. There are two new fields added to the Job Card / Invoice “Job Status” and “Job Status Comment”. This allows you to select various job status types from the drop down list, and/or enter a comment on the status of the job.
  • Job Centre. The Job Centre now displays the Job Status and Job Status Comment. You can also select to show only a certain job status from the drop down list. This is great for managing your jobs and seeing what’s going on in your workshop. You can now easily see, for example, those clients that you’ve told the vehicle is ready, but have not come in to pick up the vehicle (plus use this for a whole lot of other reasons). Check out this link for more details https://workshopsoftware.com/job-centre-update-get-more-control-of-your-workhshop/
  • Sales report. Added ability to select a “Search By” field, and ability to select a “Range”. This is great for better analytical reporting on your business.
  • Item Sales report. Added ability to select a “Search By” field, and ability to select a “Range”. This is great for better analytical reporting on your business.
  • Service Reminders. You can now print service reminders and send them via the post. While Email and SMS are great ways of quickly and easily communicating with your clients, some workshops wanted the ability to print out reminders and send them off vai the post.
  • Document Templates. Under “Company Lists” there is a new setting called “Document Templates”. This is where you set-up documents that are going to be printed out for clients. For example, you need to set-up a document template if you are going to send out service reminders via the post (this is currently the only use for this setting, however, our plans are to have more options of being able to print letters for customers, e.g. Send out a specials letter, or send a christmas message via post).
  • Phone App. The phone app has been updated to work better with Bundled items (kits).
  • Print prices on Job Card. Under “Company Settings” there is a new option to allow printing of prices on the Job Card. Some clients wanted to get sign-off from the customer when doing a job card, and show the client the price. This can be particularly useful for mobile mechanics where you can send out a Job Card to a technician on the road, and they can then show the client.

Wow! That’s a lot to take in at one time. Keep an eye out for more specific details on some of these new features including videos, guides and more.



“The Web class was really great. It helped as a trialing client, to understand the system.”


Happy Motoring

“I love Workshop Software, it is absolutely brilliant and the best software I have ever used. No dramas at all.”


Miramar Auto Centre Limited

“Really liking Workshop Software and how professional the invoices look. Support has been great the whole time. They are always consistent in calling us and making sure our questions are answered.”


AJ’s Mobile Automotive

“I needed workshop specific invoicing software, I chose this software as it was the best one I found that could do what I needed. I’m better at organising my work and it looks very professional, I do recommend this software as it’s easy to use.”


Byron Shire Auto Repairs

“After using the software for a month with the Quickbooks integration, we can see that keeping up with parts and records is much easier. The integration helps up with knowing what is going on in the Workshop. Workshop Software is good.”


Cave City Truck
& Trailer Repair

“We really like the facebook tips and find the software impacting our business in a positive way


NQ Diesel