Workshop Scheduling Software — How the Booking Diary Can Help Your Business

How much time have you spent working through appointments instead of focusing on the core services of your business? With a digital tool like our workshop scheduling software, you can automate all bookings and schedules, and focus your time and resources on growing your workshop.

What Makes a Great Booking Calendar & Scheduler?

When searching for software to automate your staff’s schedule and client bookings, some of the essential features it should have include:

  • Calendar syncing – Syncing with a calendar allows you to see your appointments alongside other information, such as closing the workshop for a holiday or scheduled renovations. When such information is readily available, there are fewer chances of making scheduling mistakes.
  • Flexibility – A great digital scheduler should be flexible and customizable to the needs of your business. Whether your specialty is repairing cars, trucks or boat maintenance, the software should give you the option to customize your bookings from top to bottom.
  • Easy-to-use – The last thing you need from a booking calendar is complexity. Our aim is to free up your time and make everything efficient— it’s important that the calendar and scheduler should be simple to understand and use.

Booking Diary with Scheduling from Workshop Software

Managing appointments is more than just updating the business calendar and allowing customers to book your services— it involves handling emergency bookings, sudden rescheduling, no-show schedule rearrangement, coordination with the staff’s availability or workload, and a lot more. You can streamline and automate all these tasks with the Booking Diary in Workshop Software to schedule your mechanics, create multiple events, carry over work for multiple days, and easily drag and drop bookings.

Check out this informational video on exactly how it works. You’ll not only see how straightforward using the Booking Diary is, but how it can do great wonders to make your workshop more efficient and organized.

Ensure Excellent Management & Customer Service with Workshop Scheduling Software

With great scheduling and booking software like the Booking Diary, you can be in control of everything going on in your workshop and deliver better service to your clients. All types of mechanical and automotive workshops benefit from this innovative feature.

For more of what Workshop Software can offer you, check out our list of intelligent features. You can expect our team and Workshop Software to continue evolving, growing, and making life even easier for workshops and businesses.


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