Xero Summer of Addons

Xero Summer of Addons – Workshop Software

Workshop Software is presenting a 30 minute look at Workshop Software through the Xero Summer of Addons.

Designed specifically for Accounting and Bookkeeping partners along with their clients, the Xero Summer of Addons allows Xero Partners an insight into the role addons play in the Xero ecosystem and how they benefit the business community.

Workshop Software is the only Auto Mechanical Xero addon partner in Australia, and being a leader in its market for over 30 years, Workshop Software is committed to the Automotive Industry and its partners. Being a Xero partner has allowed Workshop Software to offer partnership arrangement with Accounting and Bookkeeping firms.

Repco Auto-Pilot

Workshop Software will this month announce an exciting partnership arrangement with Repco. The arrangement will see Workshop Software seamlessly integrate with Repco Navigator Pro, Repco’s on-line catalogue and ordering system.

This new endeavour is the biggest initiative seen in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Technology space. It will allow a workshop to operate on virtual Auto-Pilot, allowing most of the day-to-day operations of their business to be performed without even entering a part number.

The seamless process allows the Workshop to Order parts, receive parts, and add parts & labour onto invoices and Job Cards effortlessly. Most of the operations will allow the workshop to operate without entering in a part number. This improves accuracy, efficiency, reduces credit returns, and improves customer satisfaction. There is also full integration of invoices and credits, so no more typing out invoices, and spending hours manually entering details, it’s all done for you automatically.

To see the full power of this initiative, it’s best shown through a sort video, check it our here: https://workshopsoftware.com/wp/workshop-auto-pilot

How this fits with Accounting and Bookkeeping Partners

It’s Workshop Software’s mission to empower the Automotive Aftermarket Industry and make a massive positive change to the industry. To that end, we are looking for partners to help our Workshop Clients grown and prosper through not only great software, but through great advice, assistance and effective leadership. We see the accounting/bookkeeping area of our clients businesses as paramount to their success.

We are envisioning hundreds of new clients, many of whom will want to change accounting systems to Xero due to the simplicity and effectiveness of  the integration with Workshop Software and Xero. We want to partner with firms who hold similar values to our organisation and who will form a strong relationship with us, our clients and the industry.

This truly is a new frontier for the Automotive Aftermarket industry, and will change how the industry operates.

If you are an accounting or bookkeeping firm, you must attend Workshop Software’s Xero Summer of Addons Webinar.

Tuesday January 20th, 11.30am

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For more details on Workshop Software visit www.workshopsoftware.com


“I love Workshop Software, it is absolutely brilliant and the best software I have ever used. No dramas at all.”

Miramar Auto Centre Limited

“Really liking Workshop Software and how professional the invoices look. Support has been great the whole time. They are always consistent in calling us and making sure our questions are answered.”

AJ’s Mobile Automotive

“We really like the facebook tips and find the software impacting our business in a positive way

NQ Diesel

“After using the software for a month with the Quickbooks integration, we can see that keeping up with parts and records is much easier. The integration helps up with knowing what is going on in the Workshop. Workshop Software is good.”

Cave City Truck
& Trailer Repair

“I needed workshop specific invoicing software, I chose this software as it was the best one I found that could do what I needed. I’m better at organising my work and it looks very professional, I do recommend this software as it’s easy to use.”

Byron Shire Auto Repairs

“The Web class was really great. It helped as a trialing client, to understand the system.”

Happy Motoring