Workshop Software Update

A new update for Workshop Software has been released to help you be more profitable and more efficient.

We really appreciate your feedback and we do our very best to act upon your ideas and requests. In this update, each of the additions have come about based upon feedback from our clients.

Add an attachment to an invoice.

There is the new capability to add an attachment to an invoice. You can attach basically any type of file you like, which is great for keeping records about the jobs, photos, customer signatures etc.

You can add an attachment in 2 ways. The first way is by taking a photo with the iPhone app (for more details see this link: https://workshopsoftware.com/workshop-software-iphone-app/). This option has been around for a while now.

The new option is from within the Workshop Software application. You now can select a file direct from your PC or device. It’s a simple matter of clicking the “Choose File” button, selecting the file, then clicking “Upload”. Now you have a permanent record associated with that job. Think of the possibilities of how this can make your more efficient, provide better customer service, and ultimately become more profitable.

You can even optionally email the attachments to the customer with the invoice.

 Default Transmission for Vehicles.

We have had a number of clients ask us to not require a transmission. There are a number of businesses that use Workshop Software that do not service vehicle, and therefore do not require a transmission. They may still, however, want to keep details no a “Vehicle” (e.g. a Caravan, piece of equipment, trailer etc).

Now when you’re adding a new vehicle to the system, the default for the transmission is Not Applicable.

Note that we recommend adding a vehicle when doing a booking or Invoice. In this screen the transmission details are not required.

Add product popup Box

A while back, we added a cool new feature that allowed you to enter quite a bit of details on a product when doing an invoice or booking.

We’ve now added this same functionality to the Supplier Stock Order and Supplier Invoice.

Reprogram MYOB

The bulk of the work in this update, is something that you probably wont even see.

There was an issue which occurred under certain circumstances that caused an invoice to be posted to MYOB with a very small discrepancy (typically 1cent). This was due to the way in which MYOB calculated GST was slightly different to the way Workshop Software. We needed to re-write the whole calculation of how we post transactions to MYOB, this was dozens and dozens of hours of work.

We pride ourselves on the system working correctly, and even though this was an issue that occurred rarely, we are committed to making it right even though it cost dozens of hours of work, for a seemingly small gain.



“The Web class was really great. It helped as a trialing client, to understand the system.”

Happy Motoring

“After using the software for a month with the Quickbooks integration, we can see that keeping up with parts and records is much easier. The integration helps up with knowing what is going on in the Workshop. Workshop Software is good.”

Cave City Truck
& Trailer Repair

“I love Workshop Software, it is absolutely brilliant and the best software I have ever used. No dramas at all.”

Miramar Auto Centre Limited

“We really like the facebook tips and find the software impacting our business in a positive way

NQ Diesel

“I needed workshop specific invoicing software, I chose this software as it was the best one I found that could do what I needed. I’m better at organising my work and it looks very professional, I do recommend this software as it’s easy to use.”

Byron Shire Auto Repairs

“Really liking Workshop Software and how professional the invoices look. Support has been great the whole time. They are always consistent in calling us and making sure our questions are answered.”

AJ’s Mobile Automotive