What does bundled product mean in Workshop Software?

Workshop Software has the ability to add a product/service in as a bundled item. What does this mean?

Do you do a particular service in your workshop over and over? Do you always use the same items in that service?

Workshop Software has now made it easy for you to add a bundled item for that service where you can add the service or labour item and link products to that service to automatically populate on a invoice.

How much time could this save you?

Check out this guide to add bundled items:

How to create a bundled product

When creating a bundled product the individual parts and/or services that make up the bundle need to have been entered first, please see the guide titled ‘How to add a Product’ if you need any assistance in adding a product or service.

Once the individual parts and/or services have been entered you can create your bundle.

  1. Click on ‘Products’ from the list of options on the left hand side of the screen

2. Select the ‘+’ symbol at the top right of the screen to create the bundle

  1. Click on the ‘Standard’ button at the top left of the page to change it to ‘Bundled’
  1. Enter the details of the bundle. Only the Item Code is required, all other fields are optional.  Once you have entered the details you need then click on Save so you can then had the individual products and/or services to the bundle
  1. You can now add each individual product and/or service to be included in the bundle. To add a product or service click on the green ‘+’ icon.

Once all the items have been entered, click on Save.

  1. The bundle will now show up in your list of products

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