New Zealand Agent Appointed

Workshop Software is pleased to announce the appointment of Workshop Solutions NZ as agents of Workshop Software for the New Zealand region.

“Workshop Software already has a strong presence in the New Zealand market and we are delighted to have Workshop Solutions NZ on board as the agents for Workshop Software in New Zealand” said James Mitchell, CEO of Workshop Software. “Taylor, Riley and Jeff are a great fit as they bring both amazing Automotive knowledge with Riley and Jeff’s ownership of existing workshops, plus Taylor brings IT skills through his background in network management and programming”.

“For a long time, the New Zealand market has been limited by it’s thinking that there were not a lot of solutions available, and the feedback we sometimes get is that there is no local support. While, we have previously supported our New Zealand clients very well from our Sydney office, it will make a difference having a team on the ground in New Zealand and give the Automotive Market the confidence of dealing with a local organisation who has great knowledge of the industry” Mitchell said.

With Workshop Software being a Capricorn supplier in New Zealand and now with local sales and support, Workshop Software see the New Zealand market as a great opportunity to help small to medium aftermarket mechanical workshops to grow and compete in an ever increasingly difficult market. No longer do you need to spend thousands of dollars on an old, clunky, difficult to use software, when you can use Workshop Software for $49 per month, be up and running in about 2 minutes and intuitively use the application with little or no training. Plus, in most instances, we can bring over your data from your old system and import it straight into Workshop Software.

Taylor O’Brien, director of Workshop Solutions NZ said, “We searched for the best solution for the New Zealand market and couldn’t be happier that we’ve aligned with Workshop Software. We’ve already put it into a number of workshops, and the feedback has been amazing. People are blown away by how simple the application is, how quickly staff can be up and running and how little work there is to do. I had a client ask about doing the end of day and end of month, which they used to spend ages doing, and now, with Workshop Software and integration with Xero, it’s all done for them, saving them many hours per month. The client was blown away.”

“Plus we are able to get data out of a popular desktop program and imported into Workshop Software, so we typically have clients completely transitioned from their old system over to Workshop Software, data and all, in under an hour. That’s a quick, simple and pain free transition over to a system where you are typically paying less for the system than you are in support for your current system. It’s a great win for New Zealand workshops”.

“We’ve been surprised by people’s reaction when they think that the system they currently use is great, but when you ask them a couple of questions, and show them some of the time-saving features of Workshop Software, they soon realise what they’ve been missing out on, and they typically take out a free trial straight away”. Added O’Brien.

“Workshop Software is also very responsive to making improvements and adapting the system even more to the local market. When we met with Workshop Software at their Sydney office a couple of weeks ago, we suggested adding in postal address searching, and within a very short time period, this was added into the system (see this link for details: https://workshopsoftware.com/new-zealand-postal-address-search/). It’s great to deal with a partner who not only listens, but also acts, and we can’t wait to make a massive impact on the New Zealand market with a great product and a great company behind us”.

For more details on Workshop Software, visit Workshop Solutions NZ website at www.wsnz.co.nz.


“I needed workshop specific invoicing software, I chose this software as it was the best one I found that could do what I needed. I’m better at organising my work and it looks very professional, I do recommend this software as it’s easy to use.”

Byron Shire Auto Repairs

“Really liking Workshop Software and how professional the invoices look. Support has been great the whole time. They are always consistent in calling us and making sure our questions are answered.”

AJ’s Mobile Automotive

“The Web class was really great. It helped as a trialing client, to understand the system.”

Happy Motoring

“After using the software for a month with the Quickbooks integration, we can see that keeping up with parts and records is much easier. The integration helps up with knowing what is going on in the Workshop. Workshop Software is good.”

Cave City Truck
& Trailer Repair

“We really like the facebook tips and find the software impacting our business in a positive way

NQ Diesel

“I love Workshop Software, it is absolutely brilliant and the best software I have ever used. No dramas at all.”

Miramar Auto Centre Limited